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Advanced Analytics and Computational Frameworks for Banking & Risk Management - Journey & Lessons Learned

Speaker(s): Swaroop Yalla

Building a workforce for a FAIR biomedical data ecosystem.

Speaker(s): Jessica Mazerik, Ph.D.

Building data and digital competencies through the Spotty Rain Augmented Reality App

Speaker(s): Tutaleni Asino

Building Your Online Research Profile

Speaker(s): Clarke Iakovakis

A comprehensive study of mobility related function in clinical notes

Speaker(s): Thanh Thieu

Did it Work? Strategies for Assessing a Digital Education Program

Speaker(s): Clarke Iakovakis | Dave Lampert | Max Prudhomme | Phillip Doehle

Identifying and disseminating scholarly activity using a campus-wide research information management system

Speaker(s): Jon Goodell | Scott Murray

Impacting the Community with Girls Who Code

Speaker(s): Josue de Paz

Introducing Data Analysis with Pipetters

Speaker(s): Nathan Malmberg

How Data Shapes Our Response to Crises

Speaker(s): Garrett Sauls

Leveraging Carpentries To Build a Community of Instruction

Speaker(s): Mark Laufersweiler

OURRstore: The OU & Regional Research Store

Speaker(s): Henry Neeman

Sequential Decision Making for Medical Interventions for Mutation BRCA1/2 Carriers

Speaker(s): Ben Semola

Teaching basic data and software competencies to graduate students

Speaker(s): Toni Hoberecht | Krista Kezbers

TWEET STORM: Using Twitter Data for Collaborative Crisis Management

Speaker(s): Wuyang Qian

Undergraduates in Technology Based Internships

Speaker(s): Claire Ringer



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